Woodland Creation

The woodland creation grant is open throughout the year. This 2-year standalone grant provides funding to supply, plant, weed and protect young trees, payments are capped at £6,800/ha.

The application must be at least 3ha in total, with a minimum block size of 0.5Ha. However, applications down to 1ha are accepted for schemes that will improve water quality or reduce flooding. After the initial application is submitted a woodland officer will work with your advisor to finalise the woodland design and grant.

There will also be the option to apply for a maintenance grant to help with the upkeep of the new woodland of £200/ha for up to 10 years, through the Countryside Stewardship Higher Tier Option WD1 Woodland Creation Maintenance, where eligible.

Although this land can’t be used for any agricultural activity, including grazing, for the length of the maintenance grant, the landowner can continue to claim Basic Payment Scheme payments on the land for that 10 year period.


Woodland Management Plans

This is a two-year capital grant to complete a Forestry Commission approved woodland management plan (WMP). Working with FWAG advisors, a WMP can help you develop objectives and a work schedule for your woods, providing benefits to wildlife and your farm business. An approved WMP also allows you to access further grants for woodland improvement through a Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship Scheme, see above.

The WMP capital grant is £1000 for woodlands up to 100ha, with an additional £10/ha over the first 100ha. To be eligible you must have at least 3ha of woodland on your holding. The application window is open all year.