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Catchment area 17km2, length 13.6km. Not designated artificial or heavily modified.


Waterbody description

This waterbody rises to the north of Stratton St Margaret and flows in a northerly direction passing the village of Stratton and to the west of Highworth to join the River Thames near the village of Upper Inglesham which is south of Lechlade.


Land Use and designations

From the source the brook flows through woodland, a lake at Stanton Country Park (local nature reserve) and through farmland.

It is crossed by the Thames path near the confluence with the Thames.


Flora and Fauna


Conclusions and Issues


Water Framework Directive

WFD 2016 (cycle 2) Moderate status owing to ‘Bad’ phosphate (from sewage discharge and poor nutrient management) and ‘Moderate’ Macrophyte and Phytobenthos elements. The waterbody has also in the past failed on invertebrates, dissolved oxygen and specific pollutants (ammonia and triclosan). It is likely to be technically infeasible and disproportionately expensive to achieve more than a Moderate Status.


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