Catchment area 58.6km2, length 16.9km. Not designated artificial or heavily modified.


Waterbody description

The waterbody rises at Seven Springs (South of Cheltenham) and flows in a largely southerly direction alongside the A435 passing the villages of Cowley, Colesbourne, Rendcomb and North Cerney.


Land use and designations

Steeply sloped valley sides, woodland and farmland in the upper catchment. Crossed by Gloucestershire Way and Macmillan Way and followed by Monarch’s Way footpaths.


Flora and Fauna


Conclusions and issues


Water Framework Directive

WFD 2016 Moderate overall status owing to ecological elements Fish and Macrophytes and Phytobenthos. Under cycle 1 from 2009 to 2014 it had a Poor overall WFD status due to Phytobenthos and Fish and in 2014 under cycle 2 it achieved a Good overall status, falling to Moderate in 2015 with a reduced flow (due to suspected groundwater abstraction).


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