Catchment area 2,497 ha, length 6.9km. Not designated artificial or heavily modified.


Waterbody description

The waterbody rises in the residential area of Walcot East (East Swindon) and flows in an easterly direction parallel to Drake’s Way under the A419 and out of the town into farmland. This waterbody contains the self-contained waterbody of Coate Water.


Land Use and designations

Urban area and farmland.


Flora and Fauna


Conclusions and issues


Water Framework Directive

WFD 2016 overall status Poor owing to ecological elements Macrophytes and Phytobenthos (poor), invertebrates (moderate) and phosphates (poor). The status was Good from 2009 to 2011 (cycle 1), however then falling to Moderate in 2012 and to Poor in 2015.


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