Catchment area 22.4km2, length 11.1km. Not designated artificial or heavily modified.


Waterbody description

The Daglingworth stream begins north of Duntisbourne Abbots and winds itself between the agricultural hills of Duntisbourne Leer, Middle Duntisbourne and through Daglingworth. It flows into the north of Cirencester joining the Churn within the Bathurst Estate.

The geology is mainly limestone formed approximately 166-168 million years, with occasional mudstone bedrock. There are opportunities to explore the geology to divert the flow away from sinkholes or use them in flood events. Currently flood meadows are used to slow the flow during these times.


Land use and designations


Flora and Fauna

The stream itself is famed for its fish diversity and there is a known population of water voles in the lower reaches.


Conclusions and issues


Water Framework Directive


                *research is on-going to identify if sinkholes are the cause of water loss.


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