Catchment area 2,881 ha, length 10.3km. Not designated artificial or heavily modified.


Waterbody description

The River Ray rises in Wiltshire, at Wroughton, and runs in a northerly direction through west Swindon, reaching the River Thames to the west of Cricklade. The river generally has good form in terms of meanders although some sections have been straightened but it is a very flashy river. The flashy nature is exacerbated by the increasing urbanisation of Swindon and the clay-based soils.

In 2013 this waterbody was classified as moderate under Water Framework Directive for water quality due to high levels of phosphates and ammonia but it failed for ecology due to poor for phytobenthos and macrophytes. In 2014 it also failed on chemical water quality due to Tributyltin Compounds. Although chemical quality and ammonia has subsequently improved Phosphates remain poor in 2016.


Land use and designations


Flora and Fauna


Conclusions and issues


Water Framework Directive


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