The project is constantly growing and the figures below are a representation of what we have achieved so far. We will update these every few months, to keep you up to date on our progress.

Figures taken March 2023

Awards and Recognition, 2018

Hills to Levels is being recognised for the pioneering flood prevention work that we are undertaking throughout Somerset.

In April 2018, Hills to Levels was awarded the prestigious National UK Rivers Prize for 2018. A great achievement for all involved. Prior to winning the overall prize, the project was selected as one of the four finalist's and winner of the category: Catchment-scale project, Demonstrating a whole river approach to restoration. [Read More]

Hills to Levels has also gained political interest, with the project being discussed within the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan which came out at the start of 2018.

Additionally, Hills to Levels won the Duncan Huggett Award for the Environment in March 2018. [Read More]



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