Countryside Stewardship

FWAG SW has a wealth of experience in the range of grants on offer and their suitability for your farm business. We can prepare and submit an application on your behalf and help with your evidence and record keeping requirements. Read more

Farm Habitats and Species

We can guide you through any project, arranging surveys and plans to satisfy local planning authority requirements and ensuring the project delivers the maximum wildlife and amenity value. Read more

Woodland Creation Grant & Management Plans

The woodland creation grant window for 2018 was open from 2nd January to 16th February for this year's round. This 2-year standalone grant provides funding to supply, plant, weed and protect young trees, payments are capped at £6,800/ha. We will update you on 2019 information when we know more. Read more

Natural Flood Management

FWAG SW are furthering research into Natural Flood Management, and encouraging a shift in thinking; away from dredging, concrete flood defenses and culverts, and the idea of getting the water off of the land as quickly as possible, towards concepts of 'Slow the Flow, Natural Flood Management as well as land management and soil husbandry. Read more

Soil management

Soil and water are the most important resources on a farm. Maintaining and retaining soil in good condition is vital for future profitability, while the efficient use of manures can significantly reduce fertiliser costs and protect the environment. Read more


FWAG SouthWest Advisers can help you meet environmental regulations by going through your paperwork and taking a farm tour. Visits are tailored to your needs and can cover multiple regulations including: Cross compliance, Greening, NVZ’s and stewardship agreements. Read more

Assurance schemes

Each assurance scheme requires a conservation plan that considers a wide range of potential features; whether it is archaeological interest, protected species or priority habitats. Working with the requirements of the assurance scheme FWAG SouthWest can assist you in preparing a plan that enables you to meet the requirements. Read more

Renewable Energy

Utilising renewable energy on farms can help improve the financial and environmental sustainability of farm businesses. FWAG SouthWest provides a range of services to enhance and develop renewable energy on your farm. Read more


Greening continues to be a requirement for many farmers with arable land claiming Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) entitlements. Click here to find out more about the latest Greening requirements. Read more