The Carrant Catchment Restoration Project (CCARP) is an open collaborative partnership project that invites everyone interested in the aims and objectives of the group to join. The project aims to enhance habitat connectivity stemming from water quality across the landscape, looking at improving wildlife connectivity by increasing habitat corridors, natural flood management, hedge planting and management of wild habitats.

The project Utilise FWAG SW's integrated local delivery framework for partnership support at a local level. The approach inspires and enables farmers and communities to come together to build resilience, supported by an all-inclusive partnership of organisations working together at a local level. 

The Carrant Catchment Restoration Project incorporates both the Carrant and Isbourne rivers, working in both catchments to link by restoration, enhancement and improved wildlife habitats. Our key flagship species is the Violet Click Beetle and as such requires deadwood habitat and floristic verges/margins in which to complete its life cycle. We work with many project partners;  our  Avon and Warwickshire Caba group is very important and helps us to fit into the wider catchment objectives. The CCARP group also works with other facilitation groups such as The Severn Vale Guardians and The Farmer Guardians of the Upper Thames, providing a wide range of events and information that farmers can get involved in. We are also working with the new Landscape Recovery strategy team based in Worcestershire County Council which will help us to align our goals with the county and improve habitats for all.

We work closely with the Natural Flood Management group run by Wendy Bufton in Worcestershire County Council, to help reduce run off from Bredon Hill into lower settlements and along the river Isbourne. This work has a double benefit and helps to improve or create wetlands as well as slowing the flow of water. Our group is about creation, restoration, enhancing and maintaining good habitat across Bredon Hill to the south at Cleeve Hill and stretching North to Fladbury. We welcome all farmers and landowners to join our group and help us to improve our countryside for everyone to enjoy; we are a farmer led group and currently cover 5000 Hectares; all of our farmers are deeply passionate about wildlife, food and farming. We work with multiple partners to help us achieve our goals and bring about collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

Our objectives can be found in our Carrant Catchment Restoration Project Collaborative Agreement here and you can join our group by getting in touch with Joanne Leigh through [email protected]


The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas. This project has received European Union funding under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme’s Facilitation Fund.