Senior advisor Clare Buckerfield facilitates this cluster which aims to improve habitat connectivity to benefit farmland birds, pollinators and arable plants, improve water and soils and engage local people. Funded by Horizon 2020 and in partnership with Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust.

The funding allows FWAG SW to deliver:

  • 1:1 advisory visits
  • Winter soils training programme – Farm Carbon Toolkit, Soil Health Assessments (Vess and VSA) and earthworm surveys
  • Cluster Farm walks and events
  • FiPL grant of £52,000 secured to fund 3000m of hedgerow fencing, 64 wildlife boxes, trail cameras, soil organic matter testing, hedgehog survey tunnels, 3.2 ha of cultivated plots for arable plants, Cluster website, brush harvester and Bailey trailer for farm visits
  • Breeding snipe and lapwing surveys
  • Rare arable plant surveys – our thanks to Dorset Flora Group for their help with this
  • Track run-off and yard infrastructure specialist advice

Hedgehog survey tunnel