FWAG SW are coordinating applications to the Silverlake Conservation and Community Fund. 

The fund supports nature conservation works to enhance biodiversity and increase habitat connectivity. The fund is supporting habitat creation and restoration, including: 

  • Hedgerow restoration and planting 
  • Small native woodland and in-field tree planting  
  • Native wildflower seed to restore and create priority habitat 
  • Woody debris dams and ditch blocking 
  • Wildlife pond creation and river restoration 
  • Bird boxes and bat boxes  
  • Work targeting priority species (bat species, water vole, bog orchid, small red dragonflies, dormouse, scheduled bird species) 


We will also support work including: 

  • Infrastructure that increases access by the local community to wildlife on farms 
  • Fencing to enable grazing to maintain/restore priority habitats 
  • Water troughs, hard bases and water supply to enable grazing to maintain/restore priority habitats 

Applications can be made throughout the year. 

A maximum of £5K is available, with no minimum, and requires in-kind time or a cash contribution of 20%.  

If you are located within the map area below then please get in contact with Neve. 

Please feel free to contact Neve Bray to discuss any further interest. 

Phone 07483051796   Email [email protected]