The Dorset Rural Run-off Project is funded by the Environment Agency and Dorset Council. The project aims to identify opportunities to reduce rural run-off, soil erosion and flood risk in eight communities affected by the 2021 October flooding event across in Dorset.

At current, the project is targeting Bishop's Caundle, Stourton Caundle, East Stour, Buckland Newton, Sydling St Nicholas, Winterbourne Abbas, West Compton and West Bexington.

The project enables advisors to support impacted communities and work with landowners in the surrounding catchments to reduce the rural impacts of muddy flooding.

FWAG SW identified landowners to engage with using flow pathway maps of each area. Wet weather walkovers are taking place on those identified as priority farms within the target areas. Mitigation measures and advice is being provided to landowners, from which high-priority target farms will be identified to implement a Natural Flood Management (NFM) management plan.