FWAG SouthWest are the lead partner on the Stour Headwaters Project aiming to improve the water quality in the River Stour catchment whilst reducing flood risk, increasing biodiversity and improving farming nutrient efficiency.

Project outcomes so far:

  • Created wetland habitat including 2 ha of wet woodland.
  • Fenced 0.62 km of river preventing livestock poaching and protecting new tree planting.
  • Planted 1100 riparian trees.
  • Produced reports for farmers on soil and water, habitat management and Countryside Stewardship agreements.
  • Developed and completed a project to de-culvert an ephemeral watercourse. Water is being spread out and held by leaky woody dams, slowing the flow to the river. The farm will continue to rotationally graze the parcels, while encouraging wetland plants and establishing trees to hold further water. Wessex Water will continue to monitor the volume and quality of water crossing the land and entering the wetland corridor. We look forward to seeing the results.